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“Sternbergia” Cabins  

Our romantic cabin for couples is located on top of the hill at the farm, it has excellent open views over the Nahal Boker valley. The name of the cabin is after the yellow flowers that grow on the hill opposite the farm each year in October.

This lovely cabin has two outdoor terraces, according to the view and privacy you are seeking. One shaded terrace has a tank pool in summer for cooling and the 2nd terrace has a hammock and two comfortable chairs with great views.

This cabin is fitted with a large designed bath/shower room, with a rain shower and a large bathtub in front of a large window with a view.

Included in this cabin:

Guests staying in the Sternbergia cabin will find - upon arrival - a welcome box in their refrigerator. This welcome box contains local wine, fruit juice, crackers, jam, olives, dates, salty snack, spread (pesto or tapenade), laben'e cheese (with olive oil/zaatar), local goat cheese, and Chocolates.

Near the cabins is a small communal outdoor kitchen (incl. cooking utensils) to be used by the guests staying in the cabins. (Guests staying in the khan or in the tent have their own private kitchen!)

An additional separate cabin is the so-called “wifi” cabin, housing the router for wifi service,  and has chairs and tables for cabins guests to enjoy as a lounge or as a small dining room if needed.

Meals may be ordered, supplied by small local catering businesses. See ”Friendly Negev Desert" page.

Cabin size: 30 Sqm

Sheets, blanket, pillows, towels, bathrobes
Shampoo and soap
Flat screen TV
Espresso machine incl. capsules
Kettle + tea, coffee, sugar, etc.
Plates, cutlery, mugs, wine glasses, napkins, Cutting board
Aircon (for cooling and for heating)
Private Firepit +  BBQ + poike pot
Private Tank-pool (operating 1.4-1.11)
Table + chairs indoor and outdoor
Outdoor sink with dish soap and dish cloth 
We have campfire wood for sale. No need to book ahead!

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